I n u t i l i d a d

Every great player has a screw loose.

-Tara VanDerveer, basketball coach

A black lady dwarf sidles up in her motorized scooter past a hunched over man with greasy grey hair driving a small Wacker steamroller down in the street. He glances at her, then me, then away. I feel very clear-headed. The edges of the buildings are sharply defined in the brisk stony light.

What Does It Mean. The lid of the coffee cup says TEAR BACK, which maybe means Tear Out Your Back or Hold Your Tears Back, Baby. I am reading the supreme i ching, the tea leaves of the commonplace pop culture-stained world that drifts heartlessly around me.

I am a follower of this religion, a gentle escapist clad in plush corduroy jackets.

R i v e t . . .