L a n c e l o t

It drags itself up from the ashes in the glass pipe She and Cubbie bought together on one of their last dates. A rightward oriented smoldering crescent of fire. On the inside of the pipe are the strange tendrils of a pink alien creature.

He is smoking the last of the weed. On Avery Islands fills the sad large white room that he has wasted his life away in during most of The Year of the White Metal Tiger; ancient wisdom clings like dewdrops to the gossamer grey matter. Open Your Heart To Hell. Ram Das Said That. The Winner Script Involves Pain.

You Can Make Pancakes Whenever You Want. Mine Is The Life of the Mind, cough cough. The Winner Script Involves:

Indolence. Insolence. Uselessness. Trophy wife. Paper crown. Incan son. Time. Egg. Cat. Beef. Pig. Monkey. Mouse. Dog. Rain. Pain. Water. Daughter.

I'm Not Dead Yet . . .