F a c t o r y

I told Cock Star Games I wanted to leave. Or I told Cock Star Games that I was leaving. I told Big Boss Zod that I would be leaving Cock Star Games. Big Boss Zod had a special message for me about what life really was.

I Don't Want This Job To Change Me, I said. Who Are You? He knew that I did not know.

I stayed. Big Boss Zod had changes for me. There were Capture Guys who worked on the games and then there weren't. (Forget what I said; this is classified and I can't disclose a non-disclosure.)

I told Big Boss Zod that I was quitting. I was polite. I was hung up on and then immediately panicked until Big Boss Zod called back. What was it that I wanted to say?

I Will See You Tomorrow, I said.

T i t a n i c . . .