E n o u g h !

They probably lived on the fifth and sixth dimensions, Lancelot mused. They are to humans as we are to Atari Grace games; their lives and passions infinitely more complicated, particularly the sixth-dimensional beings. Our minds are wide-open children’s storybooks to them.

There are scavengers on the fifth dimension, of course; some organized, some feral. We’ve all had brushes with demons and ghosts. When the demons and ghosts get organized, of course, you run into massive scuffles on our plane. Fortunately, there are laws. Our lives must forever maintain the facade of normalcy; our dimensional superiors cannot interpose themselves too obviously into the game laid out on their cosmic coffee table. So our thoughts, our choices, must appear to ourselves to spring deeply from the wellspring of our own wills.

To them, we are no more complex than a deck of tarot cards. Our poor lives may indeed be a stage where we perform our hapless dance for the gods and goddesses that we have not eyes to see. What Do They Think Of My Performance Thus Far? Answer: Not Much. And then you start wondering, How Can I Serve Them Better While Secretly Aspiring To Become Like Them. Then you start to practice witchcraft or go crazy or start a church and get rich.

B a r b a r y . . .