B u r d e n - s u m

Wait, I-9s require passports AND soc?

Yup, it requires 2 forms of identification. Check out page 5 for the list. We need something from list C.

The battle begins when the Hess company releases a plastic toy truck for Christmas with a plastic jet that flies off a launchpad and makes several different realistic flyby noises.

Scrambler Twizzler, who has disguised himself as a video editor who is going insane, straps a bomb to the underside of the DoesNotThink Machine's diabolical device.

In order to prevent this parallel from falling into zero, the illuminati have to reshuffle the deck. There is now a half-man, half-leopard somewhere in our world. Kill him. Now Lancelot floats above his stinking corpse.

After working a punishing gig at a seance , checking e-mail out of loneliness is stupid. 

The glad cadence of an older man on the street saves my life: I’d Be Takin’ A Bus To School–Listen To Me–Five Dollars A Gallon.

T a l e / g a t e . . .