B a r d o z

What if there were a secret race of Reptilians from the Planet X that have infiltrated our society with shapeshifting abilities? And what if they came from a culture where all emotions are the opposite of ours- where an eye streaming tears means Happy and Yes means No? What if these sophisticated creatures were simply engaged in a profound miscommunication with our own, less developed species? Surely we would have the courtesy to offer them some of our pain and horror so that they would be pleased with us!

And what if this scenario were all a scam – an infomercial created by aristocrats and their familiars?

What if the reptilian eye- the gaze of Sauron- was planted strategically into a target’s midbrain, directed by a human curse?

It would mean that the second most terrifying secret in the world amounted to little more than the hoax of some demonic mountebanks.


H e l l o l a b o o . . .