B a l o o g a

Baron Carl von Reichenbach liked to refer to our benevolent but inscrutable Allah as The Od. Andrew Chumbley referred to the totality of time and anti-time as The Quintessence.

When speaking to intractable Luciferians I like to refer to the thing as The Light Before The Dawn.

God is a corrupted word. English is a corrupted yet corrigible tongue. I say, what is true is The Way.

The Way is forward momentum in time, the sole obligation and orgy of the lonely.

The phrase that the dinosaur ghosts, and their children the birds, use to describe The Way is: “The Pain In The Ass.” (Tip of the spirit hat to Ganesha for revealing that one to me.)

The Way is known to the gods as The Darkness Between Universes. (According to the Koran and some string theory, the number of universes that humans need to be concerned with is Seven.) This was revealed to me by The Pale Horse. Possibly. I’m not sure.

The word God still works for some. But The Dao is certainly a less loaded term. It also carries the benefit of lacking gender.

No way? Way!

G s n o r t b l a c k . . .