B i s m a t u

Through fear and pain, the devil wants to divert our attention from our link to the eighth level: the Now. (There are no further levels).

The devil: a seventh-dimensional God Monster who has been trapped as a fifth-dimensional djinn on this, its prison planet, where it assumes myriad forms and whispers into the the sacred present moment of every sentient being.

Hell, the result of its final dispatch at the hands of itself and the Dao, is scattered across all human history, poisoned shards quivering in the flesh and emotions of every human. It is the result of the end times, which are the same as the beginning times, since a seventh-dimensional battle lies outside our comprehension.

The battle has already been lost. Or will be lost in the future, or is lost and won in each moment. What matters is that everything is a scam where different groups of lower dimensional beings are played off each other. Lucifer equipped both the Sumerian blood-cursers and the Illuminati death-eaters that purport to battle them.

And then there’s that horror from Venus which eats the future, whatever it is. And demon-possessed computers. Oh, and the Nazi Star Baby. What I’m saying is, they’re probably all just interdimensional bleedthroughs of The Same Thing. Call this paragraph apocrypha.

B y z a n t i u m . . .