39.) There is scenery, scenery, scenery, these are real mountains, the right color and shape, gigantic and snow-capped, moving picture postcards that overwhelm and give you a warm feeling inside, the road curvy curves, I donít remember when he finally emerged from the infinite mountain space but it was green, rivulets sparkled, old men with wool hats and sweaters leaning on canes sat comfortably on the front porches of their colorful shacks, he could live in a shack like that with a wool hat watching the buses go by, waving to the drivers. Horses gambol in the dull green grass. The rivulets become a raging river churning through grass and trees and hills and my god, hedgerows, trucks and flowers and everything pours forward, forward, into the valley and toward the invisible sea. Juniper grows on the worn-down brown green friendly mountains that jut and part for the road to Santiago, Chile.