45.) A young, affluent man quotes Neruda and pours Lancelot Pisco mixed with Coca-Cola. He pours them strong, and as the night continues Lancelot gets an explanation for the dots that line the young man's arm with such precision. There Is A Frog Called Kambô, From The Jungle, Secretes A Toxin That Is Psychedelic, A Thousand Times More Powerful Than Morphine. A Shaman Burns These Holes Into Your Skin And Drips The Poison Into Your Bloodstream. Lancelot sees the red dots on the arm of the young man's girlfriend.
He practices his broken Spanish for a while and can't put his finger on the vibe but something is amiss in Santiago. The young man mentions the Illuminati at one point and later one of the girls asks Lancelot, Are You Jewish? A paranoia lurks in that apartment born out of wealth and nursed by isolation, an over-intellectualized palaver that burns with secret lusts and walled-off daydreams.