100.) She taps her chin with a pencil as an orchestra rehearses her symphony. She extends her arm to the soloist. Boats beautiful boats flying across the way the wait-and-see big boats large boats I couldn’t get into a Boatside piloted out of the Seacloud out into the ocean I pilotless see a pilot the boat out into the ocean I turn the boat around the boat is large and wide runs over the other boats and as I grab the shore it’s like the edge of the swimming pool and it pulls my feet away from the boat for the shore I grab through the water and I lunge for the edge and laugh and splash my sneakers are waterproof so I jump up on the edge of the shore Directorships two ships that teleport to teleporting ships and here’s the deal the two ships one is Scarlet and one is green and one is yellowish green and want to shriek Scarlet and one whispers scarlet fever in an aggregate voice and the other speaks in Japanese in a woman’s voice two ships two ships two ships that carry and delineate human skin and contents therein two ships one ship is Fire raging across space and earth and one ship is greenish yellowish and blue and white and green and gray and the ship is between universes it’s lost and it’s alive along the way got hijacked someone hijacked it something hijacked it and I cannot hijack the smooth ship not I but the eye the djinn almagam entity now has hijacked the ship they call it reptilian because the fear is like slime the ship is lost the ship is alive and couldn’t grab corners the ship grabs corners and goes dull glowing and goes sickly green from Egyptian cornerstones can make shadows encores and go cyclically the world is not ready for the ship but the ship has been used by the Teikoku in World War II and the Nazis used the more antiquated ship the scholarship indicates a less technologically advanced ship rust and Fire room called the bell by the Nazis summoned and hid the bell the bell is the scarlet ship grinding the balance of orange teleporting atom counting it’s been around since the days of Solomon and fire djinn that merged with men Haroot and Maroot and their autoprince Solomon knew the bell but what was not known was the Newship the Palehorse ship the Palehorse ship the ship of the Palehorse the greenish yellowish ship when Mark comes for this for the use of the scholarship this scholar's wrist is Mark’s its pilot’s skin is marked by the scarlet ship the skin Marked captain then the superior ship slides as its captain wishes captain the superior ship Mark Capt. Sapient its user is going to be or was selected from birth its user’s skin gradually carefully cultivated been selected some from youth or at least from use the one shitcan got shitcanned they replace each other one is superior one moves more quickly one can move smoothly between universes another grinds through the solar system one can move quickly between swiftly between one can move swiftly between universes the other grinds painfully through the solar system one jumps prettily the other buzzes and burns they both kidnap they vanish they’ve been used to kidnap the bell was used by the Nazis to terrorize and was hidden the Palehorse ship was used by the Teikoku to terrorize and was hidden both were hidden atomic bombs were dropped to destroy the soft warship but it still exists it can’t be destroyed because it’s not here not strictly speaking it’s between universes it’s in the hands of God it’s moving through the darkness between universes which is God so who is the province of the evil one or God at any rate the most important thing to remember is that the Palehorse ship is empty it’s alive it’s empty the sweet animal wants to be guided the bell hides within the earth it has only one or two captains they’re tired they’re warriors their lawyers in the pGracecution wish to use the bell to punish the bell kidnaps the bell tortures drags to hell kidnaps in order to torture the Bell is l’Empire it is able the bell is able to understand the Palehorse ship the soft warship transcends and supersedes the bell however the technological relationship between the bell and the Palehorse ship transcends and superheats transcends and supersedes the achievements of the human race this is why since 3611 BC both ships Or they might both be aggregate demonic phenomena that is djinn ships fifth dimensional architecture dimensional architecture with dimensional architecture that overlaps with physical reality this is why the secret of secrets keeps man in bondage, until the two fear boats float and fail there can be no real resistance.