142.) Fifteen minutes before Lancelot was due to hobble across the sixth floor to my Occupational Therapy session, eight whitecoats bustled into his room. Good Morning, Mister H, said a tall one with wide blue eyes. We’re the Orthopaedic team. They chattered among themselves as Lancelot drew up his left pajama leg and showed them the row of staples running down his knee. We’ll Take Those Out Today, said someone. Another doctor peered at the cast on Lancelot's right arm. When do you think this’ll come off, Lancelot asked. We’ll probably take it off today to remove the sutures, then put it back on for a total of 4-6 weeks. The herd of whitecoats stormed out of his room. Wait, he called. Do you know my schedule for today? We’ll Find You, someone called back.