B ' a a ' b

That face that fell down through the twigs entered you.
Repelled into the hill behind the Hungarian house; at home with the Angel of Death, the Internet Troll.

Of all the entrances you know that the Nazi Star Creature was your first..

Adios, bone creature.

Hello, B’b.

Prove to me you’re not a Nazi.
No. You do not see.
There are worse things even.

Thaqalayn flora and fauna
New York City around the time of the Illuminati
the Masons, the Yakuza, and the Made
Ladies and gentlemen, the race begins...

I made a stand a long time ago.

Why the Corpus Hermeticum is creepy and evil to me: it involves deeper stages of entrancement and denial; a soul-carving.

Where two or three are gathered.
The dark controller whispers the timing.
In the name of everything sacred.
Where two or three are gathered: hear and believe. All sentients from this gravitational field possess free will.
In the name of everything scared.

B o o o o o o . . .